Sunday, April 29, 2012

A Rant About Liberalism, with A Dash of History

I think it's very interesting how liberals preach about how terrible America has been to Indians, but they neglect to mention that it was Andrew Jackson (the first Democratic president) that began the 19th Century Indian Removal and denied Indians any rights to land.
I also find it fascinating how liberals preach about how evil America was for having slavery and how it is a crime against humanity that can never be atoned.  Yet we were the first modern nation to abolish it.
It amazes me that liberals call Republicans "racists" and "bigots" and say that they would like to bring slavery back to the United States with low paying jobs.  They call us all these names, but they conveniently forget that the man attributed with "freeing the slaves" was the first Republican, Abraham Lincoln.
The Democrats claim to be the champions of civil rights.  Yet while the Democratic Party was perpetuating the slave institution, Christians--who are hated by liberals--were starting and perpetuating the abolitionist movement.  Again, in the 60s it was the Christian (Republican) pastor Martin Luther King Jr. who was assassinated for peacefully advocating civil rights, while it was Democrats like Al Gore Sr. who were voting against the 1965 Civil Rights Act.
Democrats claim to be the party of women, yet they mock, curse, threaten, and harass women like Sarah Palin, Michele Bachmann, Ann Coulter, Michelle Malkin, and Kelly Campagna, who have decided follow their own belief system of conservatism instead of following the crowd of liberalism (see Ann Coulter's "Demonic").  Of course they exalt women such as Michelle Obama, Hilary Clinton, and Nancy Pelosi who have taken the easy "get along" belief system, or lack thereof.  So the Democrats are the party of women, as long as they're not conservative.  
Liberals claim to be the party of peace and nonviolence, yet Harry Truman (a Democrat) dropped the bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki.  Here we also have the communist organization OWS (based on the teachings of Howard Zinn) planning a day of chaos and "mayhem" on May 1st just to prove how peaceful and nonviolent they are.
Finally, George Washington set an example for all presidents to follow when he stepped down from office after two terms, saying that he did not want another king.  This tradition was honored by 31 presidents (more than half than we've had in history) until Franklin D. Roosevelt, a Democrat, took office and was president 4 consecutive terms.  It was only by his death that the country was able to break from his administration and that's why we have the 22nd Amendment that limits presidents to only two terms.
The next time you or your liberal friend try to convince others of the honorable and good nature of the Democratic Party, remember this one fact: it's a lie.
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