Friday, July 20, 2012

Warriorwoman91 Exclusive: Response to Colorado Shooting

Why is it that whenever there is a tragic shooting it's the Tea Party, conservatives, Rush Limbaugh, and other gun rights activists that are blamed? Why don't we blame the people that made the violent Batman movie? Because what the shooter did was his own choice, not that of movie producers or gun owners. Should this criminal be prosecuted to the full extend of the law? Yes. Should responsible gun owners/activists be punished along with him? Absolutely not. (see Constitution: Amendment II)


  1. The suggestion of taking guns away from individuals is an assault on our U.S. Constitution.

    The suggestion that guns are responsible for murder is plain absurd.

    CNN reporting shooter was dressed as the batman character "Joker".

    Clearly this man had a fantasy of actually being the Joker. A fantasy that deceived him into believing he is the Joker.

    The demon that possess this shooter used fantasy to deceive him. The demon needs to be the one going on trial, however many people believe its more likely that batman exist or the existence of demons.

    This doesn't not excuse the shooter. Surely he will receive the full extent of the law, less a weak jury buys insanity plea.

    Father I pray that the shooter be released from this demon, receive Jesus Christ as his lord and savior before his death. I pray also for you lord to comfort all those connected to this tragic event with the Holy Spirit.

  2. Clarify: Paragraph 5; however many people prefer to believe in the existence of batman over that of demons.

  3. Just remember this, all ya'll:

    Without the Second Amendment, the First Amendment is meaningless.


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